Steps to Follow After a Home Invasion

Posted on: January 20, 2016 by Aegis Security Insurance

Steps to Follow After a Home Invasion

Experiencing a home invasion is the worst case scenario for any property owner, let alone any renters currently inhabiting the home. While this traumatic time is likely to shake anyone up, the ensuing steps taken to manage the situation in the coming hours are critical to restoring normalcy and security within the home. In addition to making sure your Specialty Homeowners Insurance coverage is up to date before a home invasion or burglary occurs, homeowners should advise the home’s inhabitants to take the following steps should this happen.

File a Police Report

Notify the police immediately, but refrain from touching anything in the home until they arrive on scene so as not to compromise any evidence. Take photographs of the damage, including the point of entry, and provide a list of items that were stolen to the police. The list should have approximate values and descriptions, as well.

File an Insurance Claim

Call within 24 hours and make sure to submit all necessary information to the police as the insurance company will need that information to process the claim, says Safewise.  Be sure to place the photographs in a safe place as the insurance claim adjuster will need to see the evidence to settle the dispute.

Review Security Footage

If applicable, review security tapes to see what the intruder took and how they entered. This can help to secure the home better in the future and assist the police in finding any clues about the intruder.

Clean up and Safeguard Home

Carefully clean up the mess that the burglar made and work to improve the security of the home. This can be accomplished with better locks, door jams, and window locks. If possible, install a security camera, as well.

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