Aegis Security: Specialists in Motorcycle Insurance

Aegis Security provides insureds with choice when it comes to their Motorcycle insurance coverage. We understand how important customization is to motorcycle owners and their insurance program should be tailored as well – depending on the type of bike, use and additional coverages required for add-ons and equipment. The Aegis Motorcycle Program offers different plan types from which to choose.


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Plan Types

  • Standard Program: Coverage for Standard Touring Bike Program, Coverage for Touring Motorcycles other than Harley-Davidson
  • Harley Program: Coverage for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
  • Special Hazard Program: Coverage for Sport or Unusual Motorcycles

Available Coverages

Our Motorcycle insurance program includes the following key coverages:

  • Collision (for damage to the bike in the event of an accident)
  • Liability (medical expenses, defense costs, lost wages, and other expenses)
  • Other than Collision (glass breakage, falling objectives, fire & lightning, theft, vandalism & malicious mischief, windstorm, hail and flood among others)

Coverage is also available for motorcycle accessories, including for helmets, safety apparel, attached accessories not part of the original equipment, trailer and others.

Behind the Shield of Aegis Security

Our Motorcycle insurance program is supported by a staff with tenure in the industry that understands the unique underwriting required in delivering broad coverage on a competitive basis. To learn more about our products, contact us at (800) 233-2160.