New Arizona Ruling Affects Manufactured Home Development

Posted on: November 18, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

A new ordinance will take effect on December 2nd of this year that will prohibit manufactured homes that are seven years or older from being moved within Mohave County. This new rule was enacted in order to promote healthy and safe development among these communities. In order for homeowners to protect their investments, a comprehensive Manufactured Homes Insurance Program is required.

Previously, the age limit for moving manufactured homes only prevented homes built before June 15, 1976 from moving. Christine Ballard, manager of Mohave County’s Planning and Zoning Division, stated that she understands how the change concerns sellers and installers of manufactured homes, but that the ordinance has been in review since July of 2013 and will serve beneficial for the community.

In addition, homes that were manufactured prior to the 1976 date are not permitted to be moved onto a lot in Mohave County. However, this stipulation poses some threats for local homeowners.

As one resident named Mike Luxton noted, “There are thousands of people here that need housing and can only afford a mobile home. Fifty percent of them that live in a manufactured home could upgrade their home by buying a home that’s only seven or eight years old. Now that’s going to be impossible.”

As some of these homes are unable to be sold now, money is lost from the county. Builders, transporters, retailers and installers are worried about the new law, as well.

However, those who helped to enact the law have made their good intentions known. Ballard told Daily Miner that the change in age limitation was made to provide an adequate and safe housing supply that complements the county’s areas and is more consistent with surrounding cities, and to avoid property becoming a location to discard older units.

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