A Coach’s Role in Reducing Sporting Injuries

Posted on: December 28, 2016 by Aegis Security Insurance

When it comes to youth sports, injuries are inevitable. While baseball, hockey, soccer, and the like present their own unique set of risks, preventing and managing these injuries is possible. However, it is imperative that sports organizations carry Blanket Accident Insurance to mitigate financial responsibility in the event of an injury. This policy covers athletic teams and their participants, offering additional coverage to other insurance policies they may have.

In addition to carrying the right insurance policies, coaches of youth sports teams should take proactive and precautionary steps to prevent sports injuries.  While not all types of scenarios and accidents can be foreseen, these simple considerations can prevent many of these claims from occurring.

Provide and enforce proper gear.

Contact sports such as football and hockey require the use of helmets – and for good reason. Coaches need to be consistent in enforcing the use of proper gear for whichever sport they are leading. Further, coaches should also ensure the gear fits the child properly to guarantee it protects them.

Run warm up and cool down drills.

Regardless of the sport, warm ups and cool down activities should be conducted before each game. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, most organized sports-related injuries occur during practice rather than in the game itself.

Set ground rules.

New and experienced players should be well aware of the rules of the game in order to know what to expect from the other team members. Train players on their roles and their positions in the rink or field to ensure safety.

Have injured players sit out.

No matter how minor the injury is, the player should sit the game out if they aren’t in their best physical condition. Playing on an injury, even a minor one, can make it worse and put extra strain on other muscles in an attempt to compensate for the injured one.

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