Cost Savings of Modular Homes

Posted on: November 5, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

Although it is exciting, home buying can be a costly process. With the economy steadily improving as of late and so many housing options available, affording a home is becoming more feasible. While traditional site-built homes are an option, modular homes are increasing in popularity as they tend to cost 10 to 20% less than standard homes. In order to protect what is likely their largest investment, homeowners can safeguard their homes with a Modular Home Insurance Program. The following reasons reflect the lower pricing of such homes.

Bulk Purchasing- Standard site-built homes require only the materials that will be used on that one individual home. Conversely, modular manufacturers create multiple homes every month, and are so able to order items they need in bulk, reducing the cost per item, according to Modular Homeowners. What’s more, some companies even offer discounts on various items if they are all purchased through them. Therefore, premium brand items can be used to adorn the home at a lesser cost.

Materials- As previously mentioned, on-site builders only order enough materials for one home, with some to spare in the event some is damaged. Therefore, the bulk discount does not apply to these materials and costs more in the long run. In addition, these materials are typically delivered in precut amounts, causing waste to be inevitable should the builder need to trim any. With modular homes, materials can be tailored and the scraps can be saved for use on one of the next projects.

Labor- Generally speaking, it requires less hours to construct a modular home than a traditional site-built home as most of the work is finished in the factory. Further, modular home builders are more specialized than typical home builders, completing their tasks efficiently throughout the day.

At Aegis Security Insurance Company, we offer specialized programs to cover the roof over homeowner’s heads, as well as everything inside. Our 40 years of experience has worked to bring experience and expertise to the programs we provide. For more information, contact us today at (800) 233-2160.

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