What to do After a Dwelling Fire

Posted on: June 18, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

When purchasing a home for the first time, nobody wants to think of the insurance risks involved. The truth of the matter is however, that risks do exist. Whether it’s someone getting injured on the property, or a storm damaging a roof, homeowners have many liabilities to keep in mind. One of the biggest insurable risks homeowners face is a fire. This is why it’s imperative that you advise your clients that they invest in the right Dwelling Fire Insurance policy. In addition to being prepared with the right insurance policy, it would benefit both you and your client to go over some steps to take should a fire unfortunately occur.

First, after they’ve assured that their family is safe and the fire poses no additional threat, homeowners should be advised to contact their insurance agent immediately. Having their insurance agency aware of the situation will help when they begin to receive calls from public adjusters and contractors who will try to offer deals on restructuring the home.

It will benefit homeowners to have a checklist of their home’s inventory before a fire, however if they were unable to create one, after a fire occurs they should separate damaged property from undamaged property, allowing the insurance agent to assess the damage. Keeping receipts and/or bank statements for large purchases is also a wise idea, and these should be handed over to the insurance agent to help with assessing and assigning value to the damaged items.

Many homeowners don’t realize that insurance agencies may cover the cost of a storage unit should undamaged property be exposed to potential damage after a fire, such as theft or inclement weather. Homeowners should do all they can to move these items to a safe place to prevent further destruction.

Homeowners should be aware that their insurance agent is on their side; therefore it’s important for them to be honest and open with their agent, and cooperate fully with the insurance company’s investigation. To help settle claims in a timely manner, homeowners should be available and on time for all meetings, and return calls and paperwork as promptly as possible.

At Aegis Security Insurance Company, we understand the risks that homeowners face. Whether a homeowner lives in his or her home year-round, leases a house or rents it out temporarily, we can provide an insurance solution to address the various exposures that come with each type of risk. To learn more about our operation and offerings, contact us today (800) 233-2160.

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