What is Dwelling Fire Insurance?

Posted on: December 31, 2014 by Aegis Security Insurance

A standard home insurance policy offers general coverage against a variety of physical and liability hazards, but often comes at a significant price.  A dwelling fire insurance policy offers narrower coverage more specifically tailored to property damage coverage in the event of specific hazards. As such, these policies can be more affordable for property owners.

Dwelling fire insurance offers property owners a wide variety of coverage options and flexibility to protect their assets. Contrary to what its name might suggest, dwelling fire insurance coverage is not limited to fire and smoke related damages. In fact, the covered perils are very similar to those of a standard homeowners instance policy. Dwelling fire policies often offer property owners protection against hazards like explosions, vandalism and some weather related occurrences such as wind and lightning. Unlike a typical home insurance policy, which covers everything except for listed exclusions, a dwelling fire policy will only cover named perils.

Depending on the policy, brokers can secure coverage for not only their clients’ structures, but for the contents of a dwelling as well. Policies can be written to reimburse the insured for either the cash value of your home, or for the cost of replacing it in the event of a disaster.  Dwelling Fire Insurance policies are often useful when insuring older homes and those with a prior loss claims, as well as secondary residencies or rental properties.

Whether you are looking for property coverage for their primary residences, or rental properties, our dwelling fire insurance policies can be written to meet the specific needs of your client. Aegis Security is dedicated to serving and meeting the property and casualty insurance needs of hard-to-place and specialty homeowners markets. To learn more about our operation and offerings, contact us today (800) 233-2160.

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