Group Motorcycle Riding: Safety Tips

Posted on: September 15, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

While group motorcycle rides can be a fun leisure activity, safety should always be the rider’s first priority. In addition to abiding by the following tips, a proper Motorcycle Insurance Program can help to protect the rider and the vehicle.

Passing- Before passing a vehicle, ensure there is ample space and visibility. Keep an eye out for debris in the road, excessive wind, and other vehicles’ mirrors to avoid hitting them. Motorcyclists should always pass in the center of the lane to avoid other vehicles’ blind spots.

Appoint a Ride Captain- This person should direct the group of bikers and organize the trip. According to Motorbike Writer, they should be responsible for setting the pace, gathering the group at stops, and notifying the group of the next location. Similarly, someone should be designated to stay in the back of the group to watch for any stragglers and make sure no one gets left behind.

Dangerous Conditions- In bad weather, ride slowly and be overly cautious of surroundings. Gently apply brakes and ride in another vehicle’s tire tracks if possible to improve traction. Railroad tracks, bumps, sewer grates, and debris should be approached carefully. If possible, raise your body slightly off the seat and increase the throttle in order to evenly disperse the force when riding over these obstacles. While riding at night, increase your distance from other drivers. Avoid blind spots and be aware of the lights on the vehicle in front of you-particularly brake lights.

Heavy Traffic- Riding in blind spots leads to dangerous conditions for motorcyclists in heavy traffic. Rather than riding side by side with others, consider riding in front of or behind other vehicles. The ride captain should direct the group to a safe spot and enforce a safe following distance.

Riding with Passengers- Passengers should always be equipped with the proper safety gear. They should sit forward, upright, and hold the driver tightly at the waist. Next, advise the passenger to lean into curves. Drive slower with passengers as the added weight will cause the bike to respond slower, as well.

These tips can help improve motorcycle safety on solo and group rides. At Aegis Security Insurance Company, we offer specialty coverage for Harley Davidson motorcycles and other motorbikes that are not included in standard policies. For more information about our operations, contact us today at (800) 233-2160.

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