Manufactured Homes are Not Mobile Homes: The Differences

Posted on: July 9, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

For many people, the terms “mobile home” and “manufactured home” conjures up similar images; old trailer parks full of storm-damaged and vulnerable looking metal houses. Most don’t realize that although mobile homes can be a lucrative option for many home buyers, it’s not their only option. “Mobile Homes” actually refer to movable homes that were […] Read More

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Common Causes of Vacant Property Insurance Claims

Posted on: February 27, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

Occasionally property owners find themselves in possession of an vacant property for one reason or another. Whether it is a property they are trying to sell in a sluggish market, a rental property without a current tenant or even a secondary residence for seasonal get aways, unoccupied properties have unique set of insurance needs. The […] Read More

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What is Dwelling Fire Insurance?

Posted on: December 31, 2014 by Aegis Security Insurance

A standard home insurance policy offers general coverage against a variety of physical and liability hazards, but often comes at a significant price.  A dwelling fire insurance policy offers narrower coverage more specifically tailored to property damage coverage in the event of specific hazards. As such, these policies can be more affordable for property owners. […] Read More

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Fight Common Perils with Manufactured Home Insurance

Posted on: December 29, 2014 by Aegis Security Insurance

Fight Common Perils with Manufactured Home Insurance   Manufactured and modular home owners face a number of unique risk exposures that differ widely from other property owners; as such the average homeowner’s insurance policy is not enough to protect their investments. Mobile and manufactured homes are an excellent housing choice for many homeowners, whether they […] Read More

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