Manufactured Housing: Good for Communities?

Posted on: July 23, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

Manufactured housing is often seen as a feasible option for young families looking for a starter home.  At least, that’s how many residents in Huntsville, Texas feel. On July 21st, the Huntsville city council gathered to continue a discussion involving new development code updates in the city that would affect billboard usage, historical sites, and the development of mobile and manufactured homes in their community. Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, the city council was recommending the prohibition of manufactured home development within their city limits.

Many community leaders across the nation feel that yes, there are affordability advantages and certainly high resident satisfaction rates associated with manufactured housing development. However, concerned city council members often look at the bigger picture. They wonder what impact manufactured housing development will have on neighboring property values, and look at factors such as safety, quality, overall appearance, and financial appreciation. Many manufactured home residents feel these concerns are outdated, hoping to rid cities and communities of the negative stigma surrounding these developments.

Fortunately for Huntsville residents, their voices were heard. The council meeting on July 21st resulted in the city voting to allow manufactured homes in city limits after all. Council Member Joe Rodriguez initially stated that he did not see manufactured homes as the future of Huntsville, however at Tuesday’s meeting he voiced, “…I will be honest with you, listening to everyone here tonight has made me think more about this issue.”

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