Obtaining Affordable Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Posted on: January 22, 2015 by Aegis Security Insurance

Obtaining Affordable Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Like other motorists, most states require motorcyclists to carry motorcycle insurance with set coverage minimums to help pay for property damage or bodily injury suffered by others in an accident.  Most state mandated limits tend to be low, as such it is important that motorcyclists understand that the basic coverage is not always enough to protect them and their assets. Depending on the client, motorcycle owners may need or want to attain additional coverage to protect themselves and their bike in the event of an accident or other loss.

Just as motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy customization in their ride’s style and performance, they also need insurance programs that are flexible and customizable to their unique needs and exposures. At Aegis Security, helping independent agents and brokers find their clients the right coverage for their type of bike, usage, equipment and financial needs is our specialty.

Because we understand that not all motorcycles are created equal, we offer three distinct base plan types designed with specific motorcycles and their riders in mind. Our base plans include:

  • The Standard Program, which is compatible for standard touring bikes and motorcycle which are not specialty performance bikes or Harley-Davidson models.
  • The Harley-Davidson Program, which is specifically designed to cover Harley-Davidson Motorcycles of all types.
  • The Special Hazard Program, which is designed to insure sport, custom and unusual motorcycles.

All of our motorcycle insurance plans include collision, liability and comprehensive coverage. Our motorcycle collisions coverage will protect your clients from property losses should their bike be involved in an accident, while comprehensive coverage will protect the motorcycle form other losses such as glass breakage, falling objectives, fire & lightning, theft, vandalism & malicious mischief, windstorm, hail and flood among others. Furthermore, our motorcycle liability coverage will help cover the costs of medical expenses, defense costs, lost wages, and other expenses the insured is found to be at-fault for. We can also secure coverage for motorcycle equipment and accessories, including trailers, side cars and more.

While it can be tricky to find affordable motorcycle insurance without sacrificing quality or coverage, Aegis Security  specializes in serving and meeting the property and casualty insurance needs of hard-to-place and specialty markets. As part of our unique portfolio of property insurance solutions, we offer competitive insurance programs for motorcyclists to protect your client’s property and investment. To learn more about our operation and offerings, contact us today (800) 233-2160.

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