Travel Trailer Safe Driving Tips

Posted on: June 8, 2016 by Aegis Security Insurance

Driving with a travel trailer requires a bit more practice than a typical truck. The added weight can cause handling and safety issues, so becoming familiar with the following considerations can make all the difference on the road. More importantly, however, is ensuring the travel trailer is protected by a comprehensive and customized Travel Trailer Insurance Program.

First and foremost, always drive at moderate speeds and tow the trailer in the recommended gear for maximum safety. By driving at appropriate speed limits, the sway of the trailer will be reduced. Further, be mindful of the traffic. As driving and maneuvering with a trailer requires more time and planning, it’s important to calculate maneuvers in advance- so keep an eye out for potholes, sudden braking, railroad crossings, and bumpy roads.

When braking, allow considerable more distance to stop, and always anticipate the need to slow down; to reduce speed, shift to a lower gear and press the brakes lightly, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

When backing up, it may be a wise decision to have someone stand outside and help guide the trailer. Mirrors still have blind spots, so take the extra precaution to avoid getting into an accident. Be patient when backing up and only make steady, slow movements to prevent the trailer from jerking.

Lastly, downshift when more power is needed and when riding down long downgrades. Further, never ride the brakes too long as they might overheat. Instead, only apply the brakes in small intervals to keep the speed steady.

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